Welcome to dotScribe v1.0.1!

Welcome to dotScribe v1.0.1!

Welcome to the new way to practice medicine!

Please Autoupdate or DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION OF DOTSCRIBE HERE to maintain dotScribe's key features and access to AI-GPT. 

Our team has worked hard to ensure that dotScribe is the best solution to simplify the many demands of patient care. dotScribe saves you time by suggesting top-ranked medical information, templates, and resources while you type. It's fast, easy to use, and can help you take better care of your patients while gaining more time for yourself.​ 

dotScribe comes preloaded with thousands of physician-made medical templates so you can start saving time right away. Our template library is constantly growing and we welcome phrase donations from all specialties (submit to team@dotscribe.com). You can also easily import your own phrases and share your content with team members added to your account. 

dotScribe can even run on a Windows computer and USB without installation for maximimum autonomy and portability. Our goal is to help physicians, PAs, and NPs customize how you accomplish notes, tasks, and patient care - wherever you go.
We are actively growing and developing our software to make your experience flawless. Please use our community to share your tips, questions, and suggestions.

Happy Charting!

dotScribe Team