dotScribe v2 is Here!

dotScribe v2 is Here!

We're beyond excited to share that dotScribe v2 is here! After listening closely to your feedback, we've rebuilt dotScribe from the ground up, making it faster, more intuitive, and packed with features. 

🚀 What's New in dotScribe v2.0?

  • New Database, Library, and Desktop App: Simplified interface, easier to use, and loaded with content.
  • Upgraded AI Assistant: Use AI right in your EHR to create plans, summaries, instructions, and so much more.
  • Simplified Type-Searching: Find exactly what you need by typing a problem, template type, and/or specialty. Check out our new interactive tutorial for more details.

🌟 Key Features of dotScribe v2.0

  • Real-Time Suggestions: Get suggestions for diagnostics, patient education, and more as you type.
  • Beginner's Search: Use "connect.with.dots" to easily find resources (e.g., abdominalpain.plan.GI).
  • Select & Paste: Quick template insertion with arrow keys and execute key (default: LEFT CTL).
  • Seamless Integration: Works effortlessly with any EHR or desktop application.

📌 Top Things to Know

  • Toggle SuggestionsEasily turn suggestions On/Off by single-clicking dotScribe's floating icon or use the keyboard shortcut.
  • Toolbar AccessDouble-click the floating icon to access the toolbar, content legend, and AI-GPT assistant.
  • Customizable PlacementMove suggestions anywhere on your screen for optimal workflow.

🔧 Fixed Issues from Previous Versions

  • Improved Library: User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Redundant Suggestions: Replaced with customized placeholders to match your preferred EHR/output (Epic, Cerner, Dragon, etc).
  • Quick Access: Launch dotScribe's desktop app directly from your online Library.
  • Enhanced Organization: Ultimate sorting with Tags and a powerful search bar.
  • Performance Boost: Faster app loading and content syncing.
  • Better Onboarding: Comprehensive interactive Online Tutorial.
  • Blocked AI Access: Select Direct or Proxy access to our AI-GPT servers.

📚 New Content Releases

  • Patient messages for lab abnormalities and common complaints.
  • Procedure notes, assessment and plans, exam templates, and more.
  • Expanded Emergency Medicine library.

Upcoming Content:

  • Hospitalist-specific notes, pediatrics templates, and much more.
  • Without the limitations of previous versions, expect an explosion of valuable content over the coming months.

Sign up today and enjoy a 30-day free trial of dotScribe v2.0

Happy Charting! 📝

Aaron Barrett, MD