The NEW dotScribe with AI is Here!

The NEW dotScribe with AI is Here!

The NEW dotScribe is here!

Experience dotScribe+AI FREE for 30 days! Simply Sign Up then Download the desktop app to see all the exciting new features we've built to make your life easier with a single click/keystroke. 

dotScribe Features include:

- The LOWEST COST real-time medical education and documentation assistant with AI on the market.

OpenAI-GPT writing assistance that can be pasted directly into your note! (and many more features are coming for AI subscribers - including storing your favorite prompts, access to dotScribe's GPT prompt library, and converting your favorite responses to phrase templates).

Easily find content in the new dotScribe desktop app by typing, searching, or browsing your library.

- Thousands of specialty-specific, pre-loaded, and time-saving templates (with placeholders for Epic, Cerner, and Dragon).

Fast-as-thought access to all your favorite and trusted medical website's topics, medication guides, calculators, patient handouts, treatment algorithms, and more.

- Rapidly review differentials, diagnostic assistance, and suggested order sets - right from your note.

Run dotScribe from USB (without install) for maximum portability.

- Effortlessly create or import your own template library.

- Use your phrases and content in ANY desktop application - including ALL the EHRs.

Whether you're transitioning from class to clinic or have been in practice for decades, dotScribe can help simplify your life in medicine. 

Other Announcements:

- Be sure to UNINSTALL the previous version of dotScribe prior to installing the new dotScribe.

- The free 30-day trial limits OpenAI-GPT prompts to 5 per day (AI subscription is nearly unlimited).

- Visit our HelpDesk for upcoming tutorials, support, announcements, and our new community forum.

- We postponed adding new content to avoid slowing load times for the old version of dotScribe. We'll be adding A LOT more content over the coming weeks so be sure to UPGRADE to dotScribe v1.0.0 as soon as possible. 

We are physicians and providers who designed dotScribe for medical students and practitioners. We then built it to withstand the demands of daily practice. dotScribe allows you to build, select, and manage your favorite content from class to clinic, clinic to hospital, and EHR to EHR. No matter where you are in your journey, you can now take back ownership of your time and patient care with dotScribe!

dotScribe now has 2 pricing options:

dotScribe Basic - $15/month ($140/year)

- Includes all current dotScribe features, content, and new upgrades

- Thousands of time-saving, multi-specialty templates 

- Instant links to trusted medical websites, resources, and diagnostic tools

- Unlimited phrase creation and import

- Cloud-sync your library on Windows, Windows USB, and Mac OS

- Add team members for Library sharing

dotScribe AI - $25/month ($275/year)

- Includes all features of dotScribe Basic and OpenAI-GPT (up to approx 40k words per day)

- Save your favorite prompts and responses (coming soon)

- Turn your favorite responses into Phrase Templates (coming soon)

- Access to dotScribe's GPT prompt library (coming soon)