All About the dotScribe Interface

All About the dotScribe Interface

Get familiar with the dotScribe interface to maximize your efficiency.

Overview of the Interface

  • Floating Icon: A circular dotScribe logo will appear on your desktop.

  • Suggestions Window: Typing will trigger a list of suggestions for templates and resources to appear based on what you typed. Hover over a suggestion to see a preview.

  • Paste Where You Type: Hit the execute key (default is Left CTRL) to paste your template where you were typing.

Toolbar Functions

  • Search Bar: Located in the toolbar for easy access to dotScribe’s extensive library.

  • Buttons:

    • Legend: Shows prefix legend for quick search.

    • Library: Access to the library.

    • AI-GPT: Opens a dialog box for AI-generated content.

Navigating the Dashboard

  • Menu Button: Opens the dotScribe menu for further settings.

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