Customize your Experience - Deactivate Unwanted Suggestions

Customize your Experience - Deactivate Unwanted Suggestions

Improve the accuracy of dotScribe by deactivating specific folders of content that you don't need, such as medical autocomplete, rapid review, web links, or other templates.

Steps to Deactivate Folders

  1. Accessing the Online Library:

  2. Navigating to dotScribe Library:

    • Click on “dotScribe Library” in the left-hand menu.
  3. Expanding Subfolders:

    • Click on one of the subfolders that you want to expand, for example, autocomplete, rapid review, templates & charting, web search.
  4. Deactivating a Folder:

    • Click the stacked three dots next to the folder you want to deactivate.
    • Click “Deactivate” to deactivate the folder.
  5. Syncing Changes:

    • Sign out and re-sign in to your desktop dotScribe application.
    • Alternatively, go to the taskbar menu for dotScribe and click the “Sync Phrases” button.
    • Wait for the sync to complete.

Examples of Content to Deactivate

  1. Medical Autocomplete:

    • If you do not need medical autocomplete suggestions, deactivate this folder to reduce redundant suggestions.
  2. Rapid Review:

    • Deactivate the rapid review folder if you don’t use these types of templates frequently.
  3. Web Links:

    • If you rarely use web links, deactivate this folder to streamline your suggestions.
  4. Other dotScribe Templates:

    • Deactivate any other template folders that are not relevant to your work.

Best Practices

  • Customization: Customize your library to match your specific needs, improving efficiency and accuracy.


  • Sync Issues: If syncing takes too long or fails, ensure you have a stable internet connection and try again.
  • Accidental Deactivation: If you accidentally deactivate an important folder, simply reactivate it in the settings and sync your phrases.

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