dotScribe pastes a "v", a partially completed phrase, or doesn't clear typed text after executing a phrase

dotScribe pastes a "v", a partially completed phrase, or doesn't clear typed text after executing a phrase

This is a known bug that occasionally pastes:
1. a "v"
2. a partially completed phrase
3. without clearing typed text completely
4. after clearing too much preceding text

If this error happens, it should be infrequent and temporary. Pressing the ESCAPE KEY 3 times will reset your phrase suggestions and should correct the issue. 

If the problem persists we recommend to: 

1. Go to the dotScribe Menu in the taskbar
2. Select EXIT dotScribe
3. Restart your computer
4. Reopen dotScribe

dotScribe should paste correctly after Exit and Restart.

If that doesn't work then you may have another app on your computer interfering with dotScribe's EXECUTE KEY function. If this is the case, dotScribe should function normally if you switch your execute key (Left CTL works best for most). You may need to exit and restart dotScribe after changing your execute key to reset the execution function.

If not, please submit a support ticket with as much context and information you can provide regarding the error. Screenshot attachments (without PHI) are especially helpful. This bug has been difficult to fix since it's not reliably reproducible so the more info you can provide, the better.

Thank you for your support and patience!

dotScribe Team

We hope this article answered your question and helped you learn more about using dotScribe. Visit our help center for more helpful knowledge base articles and start saving time with dotScribe today.

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