How to run dotScribe on Windows USB

How to run dotScribe on Windows USB

OPTION 1: Download dotScribe USB folder files

Download and unzip the portable/USB version of dotScribe then copy the dotScribe folder onto a USB drive.

Plug the USB into a Windows computer and double click the dotScribe.exe file within the dotScribe folder. Enter your account credentials when the Sign In screen appears and dotScribe will be ready to use as soon as the Sign In sync is completed. Start typing and suggestions will appear.

Be sure to exit dotScribe and eject the USB drive before moving to another computer.

The dotScribe USB folder can also be copied to any desktop location where dotScribe can run without need for installation. This is a common fix for any potential errors that may occur with running from a USB.

OPTION 2: Copy installed dotScribe folder to a USB

First, sign in to to download and install the app on a Windows computer. Be sure to note where you install dotScribe.

Find the location of your installed dotScribe folder.

Copy the dotScribe folder and paste onto a USB drive.

Make sure you have exited dotScribe before attempting to run from the USB.

Open the dotScribe folder on your USB drive and double click the dotScribe icon to run the app. Starting client can take several minutes. Once sync is complete, start typing and suggestions will appear.

We hope this article answered your question and helped you learn more about using dotScribe. Visit our help center for more helpful knowledge base articles and start saving time with dotScribe today.

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