How to Sync Your Phrases

How to Sync Your Phrases

Ensure your dotScribe desktop app is always up-to-date with the latest phrases from your online library by syncing regularly.

Steps to Sync Your Phrases

  1. Manual Sync:

    • Open dotScribe: Ensure the dotScribe app is running on your desktop.
    • Open the dotScribe Menu: Click the dotScribe icon in your computer’s taskbar to open the dotScribe app menu.
    • Sync Phrases: Click the "Sync Phrases" button.
    • Wait for Sync Completion: Depending on the amount of new content, it may take up to a minute to sync with your online library.
  2. Automatic Sync:

    • Exit and Reopen dotScribe: Each time you exit and reopen the dotScribe desktop app, it automatically syncs with your online library during the "Logging In" process.

Best Practices

  • Regular Syncing: Manually sync your phrases after making significant updates to ensure you always have the latest suggestions.


  • Sync Errors: If you encounter errors while syncing, try restarting the dotScribe app or checking for updates.

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