Import your Phrases from Excel

Import your Phrases from Excel

dotScribe allows you to import your own phrases using Excel files. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth import process.

Steps to Import Phrases from Excel
  1. Accessing Your Online Library:

  2. Navigating to My Library:

    • Click on “My Library” in the navigation menu.
  3. Selecting the Folder:

    • Click on the folder where you want to import the phrases.
    • If you don’t already have a folder, create one by clicking “Add Folder.”
  4. Importing Phrases:

    • Click the “Import” button.
  5. Preparing Your Excel File:

    • View the required Excel sheet columns format by clicking the “Download Example File” button.
    • Ensure your Excel file matches the dotScribe format exactly.
  6. Uploading Your Excel File:

    • Click the “Choose” button to select your prepared Excel file from your computer.
    • Click the “Upload” button to import your phrases into dotScribe.
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