Introduction and Get Started

Introduction and Get Started

Welcome to dotScribe!

In this helpdesk article, we will go over how to deactivate unused templates, customize your settings, turn on and off suggestions, add a new phrase, import your phrases from excel, open the dotScribe search bar, invite members to your dotScribe team, and create tags and folders in your library.
  1. Inactivate unused dotScribe Template Placeholders

dotScribe templates come in 3 forms based on placeholders found in common EHRs. We recommend using the “Chart with _” folder if your EHR doesn’t utilize placeholders. Inactivate the “Chart with” folders that you won’t use to prevent redundant suggestions. 


Placeholder Example 

Chart with *** 

Patient presents with *** and ***

Chart with _

Patient presents with _ and _

Chart with [ ]

Patient presents with [ ] and [ ]

Inactivate the folders you don’t use in order to increase the accuracy of dotScribe. 

  • If you are using the desktop app, click the dotScribe Icon and click “Open Library” to open 
  • Click “dotScribe Library”
  • Click the settings icon to the right of the folder you want to deactivate
  • Click “Set Inactive” 
  • Restart dotScribe app

  1. Choose Your Execute Key

Settings allow you to control how many suggestions appear, where your suggestions appear, and your execute key (the key that allows you to select a suggested phrase). Left CTL is the default Execute Key to avoid interference with other programs. Tab is also a popular Execute Key among users. 

Find your settings when you click on your dotScribe icon (usually found on your bottom toolbar, or in your “hidden icons”). 
  • Click on the dotScribe icon
  • Click on Settings
  • Select your preferred Execute Key

  1. Turn dotScribe Suggestions Off and On

If you want to turn off dotScribe suggestions,
  • Click the dotScribe icon
  • Click “Turn Suggestions Off” (a very helpful shortcut for this is CTRL + PERIOD KEY)

The dotScribe icon will turn gray when the suggestions are turned off. 

  1.  Add a new phrase

dotScribe makes it easy to add a new phrase. 

  • Open and sign in.
  • Click “My Library” and either select a folder or add a new one.
  • Click “Add Phrase”.
  • A new phrase will appear in your folder. 
  • Click “Edit” to the left of the new phrase.
  • Create your new phrase with a name, abbreviation, content, and tags. 
  • Click save.

You can also add a new phrase on your mobile phone at, using the same steps as above. 

To create a phrase that opens a web page, 
  • Paste the link into the “Content” section when you are editing your new phrase
  • (the link must begin with either "www" or "http")
  • Assign an abbreviation.
  • Click save. 
  • Using the phrase will now open your web link.
  1. Import your phrases from Excel

    dotScribe is currently able to accept imports as excel files. 
    To import your own phrases into dotScribe, 
    • Open and sign in
    • Click “My Library”
    • If you don’t already have a folder made, click “Add Folder”
    • Click “Import Phrases”
    • To see an example of the excel sheet format, click “sample excel sheet”
    • Click “Click to Upload Excel File”
    • Click “Import” 
  2. Use the Search Feature

    There are many ways to browse and search your dotScribe library.
    dotScribe suggestions are by far the fastest way to search content. Refer to the dotScribe Prefix Legend to instantly access anything you need.

    Open the prefix legend by clicking the dotScribe icon on the pop-up suggestions window.

    Press ALT+SPACEBAR at the same time to open the Search Bar. There's also an option to open the search bar on the dotScribe taskbar menu. The Search Bar is a great way to quickly and easily find the content you're looking for. 

    Alternatively, click the dotScribe taskbar icon to open the dotScribe menu. Click Search Library or Open Library to find the phrase you need. 
  3. Invite Members to your dotScribe Team

    If you are using a medical scribe or are teaching, you might want to give limited access to your dotScribe library by adding a member to your dotScribe team. 
    Open your dotScribe library and click on Settings. 

    Scroll down to find your Team. Click "Invite Users" and enter their name and email. They will be sent an email with a temporary password and confirmation code. 

    Once they sign in using that email and temporary password, they can connect to your dotScribe account. 
  4. Create tags to use in your library

    Creating tags is simple, easy, and can be done by going to your settings. Fill out the information for your tag and click "Create New Tag". 
  5. Utilize Folders to Organize your Content

dotScribe content can easily be viewed and organized within folders by clicking the arrows at the top of each column.

Use the search window to search for tags and terms within a folder.

This article has most of what you need to get started using dotScribe.

We hope this article answered your question and helped you learn more about using dotScribeVisit our help center for more helpful knowledge base articles and start saving time with dotScribe today.

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