Navigating the Online Library

Navigating the Online Library

The dotScribe Online Library is where you can upload your phrases, view and edit your phrases, and add new phrases. 

1. Open and sign in or create an account

2. On the landing page of the online app, you'll be directed to the dotScribe "Quick start" guide. 

3. Install the App

Under "Quick Start", download, install, and accept permissions for the app if you haven't already. You can watch the "get started video" while you wait for your app to install. 

4. Tutorial

Once you have installed the app, visit the tutorial page. The tutorial page is highly recommended and will give you a hands-on experience trying out the app. It includes drop-down anchors so you can skip to only the parts that you need. 

5. Your Libraries

Your libraries are on the left-hand of the screen. 

In your dotScribe library, you'll find: 

  • Charting & Templates

  • Community Shared

  • Rapid Review

  • Textbooks [beta]

  • Web Search 

6. Add a Phrase

Under "My Library", you will be prompted to "Add Folder". It will create a folder called "New Group", which you can rename by clicking the settings icon to the left. 

After you create your folder, click "Add Phrase". This will create a blank phrase in the folder that you can edit by clicking "Edit" to the left of the new phrase. 

7. Import Phrases

You can import phrases into your own library. Open the folder you want to import into and click "Import Phrases". Phrases can currently be uploaded as excel files and must be organized according to the sample excel file. 

8. Create Tags

You can create tags by going into your settings. Click "Create New Tag" to save. 

9. View and Organize with Tags
dotScribe content can easily be viewed and organized within folders by clicking the arrows at the top of each column. Use the search window to search for tags and terms within a folder.

10. Add a Member to your Team

Under settings, you can manage your team or invite new team members. Click "Invite Users" to add someone new to your team. Delete unwanted users by clicking the "Delete" button to the right of the team member. 

11. Account

Upgrade your account to Monthly or Annual by going into your settings and scrolling to the bottom. 

You can also change the name of your organization by going into your settings. 

12. Logout

Logout of your dotScribe online library by going into your settings and clicking the "Logout" button in the very upper right of the screen. 

We hope this article answered your question and helped you learn more about using dotScribe. Visit our help center for more helpful knowledge base articles and start saving time with dotScribe today.

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