Search your Library

Search your Library

There are many ways to browse and search your dotScribe library.
dotScribe suggestions are by far the fastest way to search content. Refer to the dotScribe Prefix Legend to instantly access anything you need.

Open the prefix legend by clicking the dotScribe icon on the pop-up suggestions window.

Press ALT+SPACEBAR at the same time to open the Search Bar. There's also an option to open the search bar on the dotScribe taskbar menu. The Search Bar is a great way to quickly and easily find the content you're looking for. 

Alternatively, click the dotScribe taskbar icon to open the dotScribe menu. Click Search Library or Open Library to find the phrase you need. 

Don't forget to use your execute key to select the phrase. The default execute key is ENTER. Visit this article to learn how to change your execute key.

We hope this article answered your question and helped you learn more about using dotScribe. Visit our help center for more helpful knowledge base articles and start saving time with dotScribe today.

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