Do I need to remember the names of my dotphrases?

Do I need to remember the names of my dotphrases?

You do not. dotScribe suggestion algorithm searches for results based on what you type. Unlike earlier editions of text expansion or EMR dotphrases, dotScribe gives results without requiring our users to remember the exact name of their phrases. In the past, clinicians had to remember the specific titles of their phrases to pull them up. All you have to do to get results with dotScribe is type without spaces. 

If you added your own phrase into dotScribe and wanted to find it quickly without seeing other suggestions from dotScribe's library, then typing the specific phrase name would be helpful. If you want to turn off folders to prevent them from showing in your dotScribe suggestions, view this article

Here is a screenshot of typing random letters and seeing what dotScribe suggests. The bolded words in the dotScribe teal color shows what you typed. Hitting the spacebar resets dotScribe's suggestions. 

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